+ Researching and analyzing Israeli planning policies

  1. +Exposing and countering unjust planning policies

  2. +Generating a multidisciplinary platform of knowledge exchange

+ Developing alternatives planning instruments that ensure sustainability

As architects and planners who give shapes to people's living environments, we find ourselves as main players in the Israeli - Palestinian territorial conflict.

We constantly witnessing how governmental bodies are using our professional knowledge to promote and implement ideological and political agendas, in space, through which human rights are being violated.

We find ourselves resourcefully striving to provide better living conditions, equality, present and future sustainability to the different population groups and communities that inhabit the Israeli-Palestinian territory.



Our projects expose and challenge the possibility of professional interventions in a complex political arena. It brings into play and reclaim the basic spatial and aesthetic components that generated the conflict in order to show the infinite possibilities for peaceful transformation toward equality and spatial democracy.

FAST exposes and counters situations of human rights violations and segregation caused by the use of architecture and planning instruments